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Here we have put down a list of the photographer's hobbies and a summary of her curriculum vitae :



Photography What else can be her major interest than photography ?? In photography itself, her main interests are : - landscapes, - travel photography, - nature, - casual people photography and - architecture.


Computers/Design/Writing - She also likes to write short stories of the trips she made and experiences gathered on those trips, and join them with her photographs, or to experiment in other ways with them, digitally, for example to make gifts for friends etc...


Her Curriculum Vitae for those interested in it :

Curriculum Vitae

1. Name                       : Anges van der Logt, M.Sc.

2. Place/Date of Birth : Amersfoort, The Netherlands / August 8, 1969

3. Education                :

- Delft University of Technology (Delft, The Netherlands)
degree : Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
division : Control engineering, Year of graduation : February 1994. 
Subject of final task : Calculation of the optimal movement of a
Robotic Arm with use of computer language C++.

Several photographic workshops, of which the last one was in 2001
held by photographer : Deniek Sukarya in Jakarta.

4. Working experience  :
-          PT. Rangka Ruang, engineering specialist for spacial constructions.
-          PT. Putranata Adi Mandiri, Technical Advisor from August 1994 till present.
-     Assignments for several editions of IslandLife Magazine in 2001 & 2002.

5. Additional skills :
-          Photography part-time professional
-          CorelDraw 11, Adobe Photoshop 7.0
-          Office 2000
-          Webpage design : HTML code, Javascript.

6. Languages :
-          Dutch : good, native language
-          English : good, oral and written
-     Indonesian : good, oral and written


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